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  • The Code requires processors to make available all exclusive and non-exclusive agreements by 2pm on 1 June.
  • To understand what’s included in our agreements and get comfortable with the new format you can take a look at our Milk Supply Agreement below.
  • This Milk Supply Agreement will be updated by 2pm on June 1 to include our minimum pricing tables, and all of our exclusive and non-exclusive agreements will be available then too.
  • This year is one of unprecedented change, and it’s important to us that our suppliers are comfortable with what is being asked of them. If you have any questions about our agreements, please contact your Area Manager, or email 

More information on the Code can be found by following the links below

Our 2020/21 Exclusive Supply Milk Price

 $ -.--/kgms

Opening price will be published here. Please check back for updates.

Sign Your e-Agreement Here

Once the opening price is announced, you will be able to ensure continuous collection of your milk by signing an e-agreement here. 
Signing an e-agreement is the easiest way to ensure continued supply. However if you would prefer a paper copy please complete the booking form below

Our Milk Supply Agreements

Milk Supply Agreement for suppliers supplying all their milk to Fonterra for the 2020/21 season

Supporting Documentation 

Understanding Your AgreementA brochure helping you navigate and understand your Milk Supply Agreement
Milk Supply HandbookSchedule 2 of Milk Supply Agreements - the conditions of supply and milk quality requirements

More Information

A full copy of the Dairy Code of Conduct can be found here.

FAQ's can also be found on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) website.

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Video Message from René Dedoncker (Managing Director Fonterra Australia)

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Business Development Managers


Ajay Agarwal
Business Development Manager – Northern Victoria
Mobile: +61 408 753 569
Address: 20 Midland Highway, Stanhope VIC, 3623


Peter Panayiotou
Business Development Manager – Gippsland
Mobile: +61 407 348 752
Address: Darnum Park Road, Darnum VIC, 3822


Troy Franks
Business Development Manager – Tasmania
Mobile: + 61 400 948 683
Address: 155 Mersey Road, Spreyton TAS, 7310


Katie O’Toole
Business Development Manager – Western Victoria
Mobile: + 61 438 111 141
Address: 129 Curdie Street, Cobden VIC, 3266

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